Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life is "Berry" Good!

Growing up in the same small town where I now live as an adult can send waves of nostalgia washing over me. For those who may not know this, I live in a house just across the yard, beside of my mom and my childhood home. My girls walk to the same creek where my sister Beth, neighborhood friends, and myself went swimming in the summer. (I would NEVER let my girls do that now!!!) Hannah and Micah play ball, ride bikes, and explore the same fields and areas that I did as a young girl, but at times I feel like their childhood is not as fun and wholesome as my younger years. In an effort to correct this, I sometimes try to recreate the magic from my formative years by taking outings and doing activities my sister and I did as little girls. (As I type this I can hear the narrator's voice as John Boy on the Waltons.)

A few weeks ago, Michael and I decided we'd love some fresh strawberries, and (one of the pros of living in a small town) there was a strawberry patch just up the road on Feercy Creek. So we loaded up the truck, girls and myself in the truck bed, and traveled up Hwy 90 to John Simpson's farm. As we made our journey, a flood of memories came to my mind. I recalled my sister and me bouncing around in the truck bed of Papa John's old white Ford pickup across the fields where Daddy was cutting wood, riding in my other Grandfather's (Roy Lee) golden Chevy to the cemetery, and as older girls, we rode in the back of Malcolm Willis' white truck as Tesia (the only one with a license) drove us to the city pool in Burkesville. (I still say Marrowbone Creek was more fun.) Such innocent, pure delight that I was so pleased my daughters were getting to experience. It seemed just like one of those golden memories from my childhood, until my smiling Micah, with wind blowing her hair, started singing (yelling) "I whip my hair back-and forth!" As Hannah and I laughed close to crying, I said a silent prayer that my girls will treasure this memory one day of a simple ride in the truck bed as much as the big trips to large cities they have taken. When they are adults and have kids of their own, I hope they will load them up in the back of a truck and let the wind blow a sweet memory their way.

Here's a great recipe for fresh berries. Hope you enjoy and may God send you blessings and simple gifts.
Strawberry Cream Shortcake

1 large Sara Lee Pound cake (frozen food section)
small box instant vanilla pudding
1 1/2 cup water
1 cup sweet condensed milk
12 oz coll whip
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups fresh strawberries

Slice cake very thin and lay half the slices in 13 x 9 dish. In a bowl, combine pudding mix, water, sc milk, and vanilla. Mix. Fold in cool whip. Pour 1/2 over cake and layer 1/2 of berries. Repeat to make another layer. Top with berries. Refrigerate until chilled

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  1. Happy MEMORIES and to think I did the same things a generation before you. That has been a happy place since 1951 when DAD built the house(with help). the two new bedrooms were built in about 1956 after Jerry Sewell was born. Love your writings.